Autumn Term Newsletter 2015

A warm welcome to all 24 new families and children to Preschool

We are looking at different animals over the following weeks including pets; farm and wild animals too, so don’t be too alarmed if you hear some strange sounds coming home!!

Week 3 Beginning 21st September.

Following our theme we are taking a visit on Wednesday 23rd September to Stockley to see all the animals on the farm and have a real “hands on” experience.

Week 4 Beginning 28th September.

Week 5 Beginning 5th October.

The children will be doing some wonderful artwork this week to produce their own very special Christmas cards. Week 6 Beginning 12th October. Please ask to see children’s work. On Friday 16th Little Angels photographs will be in Preschool taking photographs of the children (individual and or family groups) if your child does not attend this day and you would like a time slot please speak to Gill, Kim or Anita.

Week 7 Beginning 19th October.

Orders for Christmas cards need to be in By Friday 23rd October to ensure they will be back in time for you to send them.

Closed for 1⁄2 term break Monday 26th October – Friday 30th October.

Week 1 Beginning 2nd November.

We will be concentrating on safety in general and especially around bonfire night.

Week 2 Beginning 9th November.

For the next two weeks we will be looking at some of the different Festivals around the world. On Monday 9th November we have a film crew in! “Monkey Magic” will be in preschool and your children will have an opportunity to ride high on a sleigh (on film only) commission from all the DVD’s sold will be part of our fundraising.

Week 3 Beginning 16th November.

Week 4 Beginning 23rd November.

This week we will be looking at our families, who lives in our house and people who are special to us. If the children could bring in photographs to share at talk time this would be lovely.

Week 5 Beginning 30th November.

This week we will be talking about our extended family members so again any photographs which would help the children to make their own family tree please.

Week 6 Beginning 7th December.

Moving onto the Christmas nativity story this week.

Week 7 Beginning 14th December.

Christmas jumper week, if the children would like to join the staff wearing a Christmas jumper – Monday – Thursday, £1 for charity for the week Friday 18th Party for all the children at Preschool. More details to follow after 1⁄2 term. The children will be busy this week as our Preschool Christmas work shop opens – our little elves will be busy.

Important Information from the committee:-

Fundraising is a huge part of the continual improvement of Moulton Preschool. We have lots of ideas but are in need of a coordinator to bring everything together and make them happen, if you feel you can help please speak to a member of staff.

Bonus Ball – fundraiser “you have to be in it to win it” please join £1 per month with a chance of winning £20, ask family and friends – it’s an easy way to make much needed extra funds for Preschool, ask a member of staff for more details.

Preschool AGM Wednesday 4th November 8.15pm in The Lion- We must have a % of parents in attendance and without this preschool cannot continue to run. In order for this evening to go ahead please indicate your interest to attend by either speaking to a supervisor on duty or email Gill: [email protected]