What Children Should Bring to Pre-School

A Packed Lunch (If in all day)

Please provide children with the choice of healthy options as well as sweet snacks.

A Change of Clothing (Labelled with Name)

Spare underwear is always helpful for those little accidents; we do also ask for a spare set of clothing especially during messy and water play.

Nappies, Wipes and Cream (If Applicable)

Please supply enough for your child/ren for their session with us.

A Named Water Bottle (If Desired)

We prefer the children to have only water, but should your child/ren prefer juice, this too is fine.

Labelled High Factor Sunscreen and Sunhat ( Warm Weather)

Pre-School please ask for all children to have sunblock applied before arrival, we will top up when required.

Clearly Labelled Medication (If Required)

Please ensure all medication is in date and labelled correctly, stating appropriate details for administration and dosage.

Warm Coats, Hats, Scarves and Gloves (Cold Weather)

Please supply your children with these winter warmers as we still like to have many adventures outside in the garden.